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Who is behind React Ministry? Meet our founders - Andrew Peluso!

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Meet Andrew Peluso co-founder of React Ministry! Andrew has always had a heart for fellowship. Starting in middle school Andrew was one of the leaders of the F.I.S.H Club, which stands for Fellowship in School, Hurray! He continued following Christ throughout his education, going to a Christian High-School, and eventually attending a secular art college.

Andrew is still continuing to learn and grow, he is currently enrolled at a theological seminary which has had a huge part in widening his view on those in need of CHRIST in the lives that they live.

"I’ve been blessed with many unique evangelistic opportunities which challenges me to tactically optimize the balance between subtlety and blatancy while utilizing accurate doctrine in gospel delivery!"

- Andrew Peluso

Andrew uses Gods gift of creativity to express himself and follow his passions. He is an extremally talented videographer & photographer which he used to start PelusoPix. He also uses his talents to continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ which will be a huge part of his role at React Ministry.

"My intentions behind starting ReAct is to lead the local young adults towards unity to be a more effective driving force in spreading The Gospel Of CHRIST!"

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