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React's Mission, Vision, and Values.

As we move closer to the React Summit, we believe it is important to clearly define what we stand for as React Ministry, and what you are supporting when you partner with React.

First, our mission: React's mission is to create a community-first young adult organization that bridges the gap between local churches to strengthen our members' relationship with each other, Jesus, and our surrounding community.

What does this mean? Since Covid-19 the Bay Area Christian community has been more divided than ever. Through outreach events like React Summit, we want to bring young adult Christians closer than ever.

VISION: We envision a community where young adults are passionate about Jesus. We also envision a safe space to come together to have a positive impact on their entire community.

As a Christian community, we need like-minded peers to lean on and look to when we need guidance, that is what React wants to build. Through our weekly Bible Study, we have already started to create this environment, and through people's volunteer work and donations, we can all work together to reach this reality.


1. Do all things through Christ and for Christ.

2. Evangelize the Gospel to all that will hear it.

3. Act as Jesus would, to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

4. Embrace new ideas and facilitate productive conversation to reach our community.

As a Christian organization, React strives to exemplify Jesus and use Jesus's teaching's to shape our values. We strive to continue to grow in our knowledge of Biblical doctrine and become closer to Christ as a Ministry.

As a para-church ministry, we have big goals. We hope you can be a part of making our calling a reality!

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